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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Illegal Immigrants from Africa, Bound for The USA, Bussed Around the Darién Gap in the Middle of the the Night
February 21, 2024
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An exclusive video taken from the Darién Gap, the piece of land connecting North and South America, shows a migrant bus transporting illegal immigrants from Africa who are bound for the United States. The bus driver became increasingly nervous after I asked him who was paying for the bus. The driver’s supervisor eventually forced me off the bus. The bus will make its way to Nicaragua, Honduras, and then to Mexico, where they enter the US via California or Texas. On Tuesday, I exposed that the Jewish NGO HIAS is helping set up camps in the Darién Gap. These camps are complete with maps showing bus routes similar to the bus that I boarded. This video is a firsthand look into Biden’s border disaster.

The bus stopped in front of the San Vicente Migrant camp in the Darien Gap to drop someone off. While the door was open, I hopped on the bus and started filming. I spoke to the driver in Spanish and asked him who the owner was, where he was going, and why he was transporting migrants in the middle of the night.


The driver refused to tell me who the owner of the bus was, but he confirmed the passengers were all migrants on their way to Costa Rica. All of the migrants in Darien Gap must pay $60 to get on a bus to Costa Rica, which is part of the route to enter the United States via the Mexican border.

The exchange became a little contentious as the driver did not want me to film and called his supervisor to ask him how he should handle my entering his bus. I was then asked to leave the bus. If allowed, I would have ridden the bus all the way to Costa Rica to expose this horrific human smuggling process further.


The illegal immigrants on the bus, who were en route to the United States, were literally fresh off the boat as migrants in the Darien arrived at the camps on boat. Several of the Africans on the bus were wearing tribal outfits. From Costa Rica, the Africans then go to Nicaragua, Honduras, and then to Mexico, where they enter the US via California or Texas.


I shared my video with a caption that read, “This is how the invasion is taking place. Don’t listen to the media when they tell you that it’s a conspiracy theory to say that migrants are being bussed around the world in the middle of the night. This is human trafficking caught on camera.”


Tuesday, I exposed a map created by the Jewish NGO HIAS, showing all the bus routes in Central America in an effort to help the illegal immigrants heading to the United States reach the Mexican-American border in a more timely manner. It is likely an NGO like HIAS is paying for the bus in question


This is not a conspiracy theory. Joe Biden’s open borders are leading to illegal immigrants being bussed around in the Central American jungles. Biden’s policies have created a dangerous national security threat that only President Trump can solve.



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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: U.S. Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle Runs Scared From Accountability At The RNC Convention

U.S. Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle ran scared from accountability at the RNC Convention Wednesday following Loomer Unleashed’s questions about GOP Members of Congress calling for her to resign. Following our release of the video, New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, who is Chair of the House Republican Conference, shared our video with a quote reading, “Biden’s @SecretService Director must comply with congressional subpoena or she will be in violation of the law.” Cheatle was then confronted at the RNC Convention by United States Senators Marsha Blackburn and John Barrasso. Republicans’ determination to hold Director Cheatle accountable is another example of the great unity displayed at the RNC Convention.

Loomer Unleashed greeted Director Cheatle, “Hey, how is it going.”

Director Cheatle: “Good you?”

Loomer Unleashed: “Do you agree with Congressional Republicans’ assessment that you should resign?”

After Cheatle refused to answer, we asked, ” Are you not going to answer? The Speaker of the House called on you to resign. Do you have a comment? Are you going to comment?”

Laura Loomer captioned the video, “@LoomerUnleashed @TheCharlesDowns just confronted Secret Service @SecretService Director Kimberly Cheatle on video at a hotel in Milwaukee outside of the RNC Convention We asked her if she agrees with calls for her resignation by Congressional  @HouseGOP members after the attempted assassination of President Trump. Director Cheatle ran away like a coward into the elevator to avoid our questions.”


New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, who is Chair of the House Republican Conference, captioned our video, “Biden’s @SecretService Director must comply with congressional subpoena or she will be in violation of the law. The American people deserve answers NOW. House Republicans will not rest until we deliver accountability for the American people.”


Following our questioning of Director Cheatle, United States Senators Marsha Blackburn and John Barrasso questioned Cheatle at the RNC Convention. Donald Trump JR captioned the video, “We want answers. Why is the Secret Service director running away from accountability- literally. Thank you @VoteMarsha and @SenJohnBarrasso for demanding that we get the truth. What else is the Secret Service hiding?”


The GOP House Oversight Committee has subpoenaed Director Cheatle for a July 22nd hearing with a letter to her reading, “Initially, the Secret Service committed to your attendance. Subsequently, however, DHS officials appear to have intervened and your attendance is now in question. In addition, since DHS’s intervention, there have been no meaningful updates or information shared with the Committee. The lack of transparency and failure to cooperate with the Committee on this pressing matter by both DHS and the Secret Service further calls into question your ability to lead the Secret Service and necessitates the attached subpoena compelling your appearance before the Oversight Committee.”


House and Senate Republicans’ determination to hold Director Cheatle accountable for President Trump’s near-death experience is another example of the great unity displayed at the RNC Convention.



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EXCLUSIVE: “Fake” Tapper Runs Scared At The RNC Convention

CNN anchor Jake Tapper ran scared from Laura Loomer at the RNC Convention Tuesday after she questioned him about CNN’s deranged false reporting on President Trump. Tapper has posted on X and said multiple times that Trump is a “threat to democracy.” Tapper-like elected Democrats love talking a big game on CNN, but they always run or lie when they are questioned on their lies about President Trump and MAGA.

As he entered the RNC Convention, Laura Loomer asked Tapper,” Hey Jake, Laura Loomer here. What do you think about Joe Biden’s remarks the other day that it was time for Donald Trump to be put into the bullseye? Do you think that Joe Biden for apologize for saying Donald Trump should be put into the bullseye? Do you think that CNN’s rhetoric over these last eight years has resulted in people opening fire on President Trump, almost assassinating him on stage? As one of the biggest perpetrators of fake news, that’s why President Trump calls you ‘Fake Tapper.’ Do you have remorse for your “reporting” that has led to an attempted assassination of President Trump?”

As Tapper refused to answer, pulling out his cell phone to “make a phone call,” Laura Loomer asked him again, ” Do you have any remorse, Jake?”

Laura Loomer captioned her video, “‘Jake “Fake'” Tapper @jaketapper, THE FACE OF CNN, just got LOOMERED at the RNC Convention in Milwaukee. I asked him if he thinks his anti-Trump reporting at @CNN helped inspire the attempted assassination of President Trump. Jake refused to condemn Biden’s call to “put President Trump in the bullseye“.


Tapper has continually referred to President Trump as a “threat to democracy” on air and on X, once posting, “It constitutes an attack on our sovereignty as a nation and our very way of life.  ‘Donald Trump has actively solicited foreign interference multiple times with respect to three countries that we know about: Russia, China, and Ukraine… For his administration to constrain the information being provided to the peoples’ representatives in Congress as this national security threat multiplies — especially given Donald Trump’s unprecedented welcoming of these assaults on our democracy for his own gain.”


Tapper also wrote, “If I had incited and inspired a deadly insurrection and attempt to undo American democracy I might not be out there bragging about how many viewers it had. On any channel.  But maybe that’s just me, I’m a different breed of cat.”


Jake Tapper and elected Democrats love talking “a big game” on CNN, but when it comes time to answer actual questions, the Left and the mainstream media always run or lie. In November, the American people have an obligation to hold the Democrats accountable for their dangerous lies by delivering President Trump a historic victory at the ballot box.

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EXCLUSIVE: ANTIFA And Mostly Peaceful Pro Hamas Protesters Gather Outside The RNC Convention

ANTIFA and “Mostly Peaceful Pro Hamas Protesters” set up a CHAZ-like camp at Red Arrow Park, right across the street from the RNC Convention on Monday in Milwaukee. Their camp was complete with water bottles, tents, coordinated posters, and “volunteers.” Threats of violence from the Left have forced massive fencing to go up around the RNC Convention location. Elected Democrats claim that the Left is “toning down their rhetoric” in the wake of the failed attempted assassination plot against President Trump. However, the Left’s actions are proving otherwise. Americans must hold elected Democrats accountable at the ballot box for the chaos they have unleashed onto our country.

ANTIFA posters reading “Queer ANTIFA,” which was clearly printed in a massive print job, were on display at ANTIFA’s CHAZ-like setup at  Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee, across the street from the RNC Convention.


In an exclusive video, Loomer Unleashed walked around the ANTIFA encampment, which showed water bottles, tents, coordinated posters, and “volunteers” wearing different colored vests. It was clearly a well-funded operation. Laura Loomer captioned the video, “ANTIFA and pro-HAMAS Palestinian protesters have set up a staging area with their signs at Red Arrow Park, directly outside of the entrance to the RNC Convention in Milwaukee. Why are ANTIFA and jihadi protesters being allowed this close to the RNC after a failed assassination attempt on President Trump this weekend?”


Loomer Unleashed’s Charles Downs walked through the encampment. Besides the ANTIFA poster, Downs witnessed other signs that were coordinately printed with messaging calling for open borders, Trump’s imprisonment, “Free Palestine,” and pro-trans messaging. Downs captioned his video, “I noticed that ANTIFA and Mostly Peaceful Hamas protesters have set up their own CHAZ by the RNC, complete with water bottles, tents, coordinated posters, and “volunteers.” I guess the Left is not ending the political violence after all.”


Elected Democrats claim to be “toning down their rhetoric” in the wake of President Trump’s attempted assassination plot. However, the Left’s actions show otherwise. It should not be shocking that elected Democrats are saying one thing and acting on another, as that is the Left’s calling card. One thing is for sure: Americans must hold Democrats accountable for their chaos and lie by delivering a massive victory for President Trump and Congressional Republicans in November.

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